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tS918 - Brisbin Terri - Il …p

Tags: eBooks Terri­Brisbin - Onore­scozzese Italian |­Harlequin Mondadori­| 2009 | PDF | Pages­184 | ISBN:­9788858914977 |­12.72 Mb
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Terri Brisbin - The MacKendimen Clan Trilogy A Boxed Set

Author: Terri­Brisbin Title: The­MacKendimen Clan­Trilogy A Boxed­Set Awardwinning­and bestselling­author Terri­Brisbins MacKendimen­Clan Trilogy, three­mystical, magical­historical romances­in one boxedset­edition at a special­introductory and­limitedtime price­Combining both time­travel and­paranormal elements­along with sexy­Scottish Highland­warriors, these­three intense,­emotional stories­will make your heart­race. . . In A LOVE­THROUGH TIME, Alex­MacKendimen and­Maggie Hobbs visit a­Highland faire and­find themselves­thrown back into­Scotland's past. As­the two work­together to find a­way to survive and­make it back home,­neither one knew­that falling in love­was part of Fate's­plan for them In­ONCE FORBIDDEN,­Dunnedin Scotland in­medieval times is a­different place­after the strangers­visit, but young­Anice MacNab must­face the­consequences of­their actions and­her own. Can Robert­Matheson save her­life and her soul­when the clan and­the fates seem to be­against them and­when secrets in­their past could­destroy the fragile­love they have­discovered In A­MATTER OF TIME,­Douglas MacKendimen­finds it difficult­to scoff at his­parents tales of­time travel when he­finds himself flung­back to the medieval­village of Dunnedin­Drawn to Caitlin,­the healers­daughter, Douglas­finds himself caught­between the past,­his present and­future and must­decide if love is­the answer to his­quest or if it will­be his downfall. All­three fulllength­romance novels­95105,000 words each­are offered in one­collection for the­first time
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Brenda & Willingham, Michelle & Brisbin, Terri Joyce - Highlanders.epub

Author: Brenda &­Willingham, Michelle­& Brisbin, Terri­Joyce Title:­Highlanders Series­: Book 4 of­"MacKinloch­Clan" Get­swept away by the­romance of the­Highlands in three­historical romance­novellas from­Harlequin! The­Warrior and the Rose­by Brenda Joyce Lady­Juliana MacDougall­prays for her loved­ones to survive­battle against­Robert Bruce...but­the battle comes to­her when her lands­are attacked by a­band of Highlanders,­including a man­wearing the colors­of her clan's worst­enemy. Taken hostage­by Alasdair Og,­Juliana quickly­learns he's as­exceptional a lover­as he is a ruthless­warrior. But how can­she ever love­Alasdair when he's­her blood enemy? The­Forbidden Highlander­by Terri Brisbin­Honor-bound by an­arranged betrothal,­James Murray never­anticipated falling­in love with his­intended bride's­dearest friend­instead. The passion­between James and­Elizabeth MacLerie­is undeniable, but­they are torn­between love and­loyalty to their­clans…. Rescued by­the Highland Warrior­by Michelle­Willingham Celeste­de Laurent is­determined to never­again live in­poverty. After­sacrificing love for­a secure marriage,­she now stands to­lose everything as a­widow. Her only hope­is to bear an­heir—and what­better man to father­her child, and save­her from a terrible­fate, than Dougal­MacKinloch, the only­man she ever loved?
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Terri Brisbin - Kidnapping the Laird

Author: Terri­Brisbin Title:­Kidnapping the­Laird Catriona­MacDonnell is a wife­of convenience who­discovers that she­wants more from the­handsome, sexy­Highland laird she­had to marry.­Padruig Grant was­not happy when his­wife kicks him out­of her bed, but his­pride prevents him­from returning to­it. When Catriona­takes matters...and­her husband...into­her own hands to­claim the love they­both deserve, should­he resist her­valiant efforts or­should he surrender­This short story­appears in the print­edition of the­MAMMOTH BOOK OF­SCOTTISH ROMANCES­from January 2011.
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Terri Brisbin - A Love Through Time

Author: Terri­Brisbin Title: A­Love Through­Time An archway in­time. . . A man in­search of his future­in the past. . . A­woman who holds the­key. . . Maggie­Hobbs has had enough­of controlling men­in her life.­Breaking up with her­longtime boyfriend,­she heads to­Scotland for her­summer vacation,­hoping to put it all­behind­her"though she­never dreams how far­behind her it will­go During a stop at­a clan ceilidh,­Maggie meets the man­who should be heir­to the Clan­MacKendimen"one­whose father turned­his back on his­heritage for a new­life in America. And­then Fate steps in­to throw her back to­a time when men­controlled­everything Alex­MacKendimen returns­to his fathers lands­and discovers a life­that could have been­his. With the­emptiness of his­life staring back at­him, he wished for­another chance to­find happiness and­finds himself­catapulted to the­past " as he­and a beautiful­stranger face­dangers together in­medieval Scotland.­Thrown back through­time to the medieval­village of Dunnedin,­the two must find a­way to survive and­make it back home.­Neither one knew­that falling in love­with part of Fate's­plan for them. This­book was previously­published in print­by BerkleyJove in­its Time Passage­time travel romance­line in 1998 and is­now revised and­republished in­digital formats by­the author.
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Terri Brisbin - Once Forbidden

Author: Terri­Brisbin Title: Once­Forbidden A­Highland woman­desperate for a­hero... A Highland­warrior destined to­save her... Will­love be enough to­unite them forever­Anice MacNab barely­survived the brutal­treatment of her­wedding night,­leaving her with a­shattered life, body­and soul. Now, the­death of her husband­forces her to flee­another planned­political alliance,­seeking the help of­the only man she­trusts. Robert­Mathieson, raised as­the son of a­steward, discovers­instead that he is­the son of the­MacKendimen laird.­Denied recognition­and refused his­heritage, Robert­still finds himself­drawn into the­intrigue surrounding­Anice and wanting­the one person he­cannot have"his­halfbrothers wife.­Secrets of the past­threaten the­MacKendimen Clan and­vows made will be­broken as Robert and­Anice claim the­love, once­forbidden, that­could destroy many­lives or could unite­them forever.
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Terri Brisbin - A Matter of Time

Author: Terri­Brisbin Title: A­Matter of Time A­man conceived in the­past and living in­the present. . . A­woman in need­calling him back. . ­. Where and when­does his destiny lie­Current Day. . . . ­Douglas MacKendimen­grew up listening to­his parents­fantastical tales of­their journey to the­past and has never­believed a word of­it. Caught up in the­stressful world of­practicing medicine,­the strange dreams­during restless­nights should not­surprise­him"but the­woman calling to him­does. The dreams­intensify as he­returns to Scotland­for a family­gathering. Dunnedin,­Scotland, 1370 ­Caitlin, daughter of­the MacKendimen Clan­healer, has even­greater abilities­than her mother and­can heal with only­her touch. Her power­is growing as she­tends to her kith­and kin, but is­drawn to a man in­her dreams. When he­appears and saves­her life, she­believes they are­meant to be­together. The truth­" that he is­from the future and­must return destroys­all her hopes. She­cannot abandon her­clan to be with him­and he must leave.­Secrets of the past­and future threaten­to destroy them as­Douglas and Caitlins­love grows. When the­fates are against­them, its just a­matter of time­before they will be­forced to choose­whether to follow­their hearts desires­or to remain apart­forever. A MATTER OF­TIME is a fulllength­time travel romance­novel, previously­published in print­in 1999 by­BerkleyJove, and is­now revised and­rereleased by the­author.
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Terri Brisbin - The Queen's Man a time travel romance novel

Author: Terri­Brisbin Title: The­Queen's Man a time­travel romance­novel A man born an­heir, but raised a­bastard. . . A woman­with the proof to­put him on the­throne. . . A love­endangered by the­intrigue of­Elizabeths court. .­. Richard Granville,­an illegitimate son­of Henry VIII, has­always wanted to be­king of England, but­a bastard cannot­inherit that­position. So, he­contents himself by­serving his­halfsister Queen­Elizabeth. When her­enemies approach­with claims of his­rights to the throne­and with a plot to­put him there, he is­tempted. . . oh so­tempted. Sharon­Reynolds, a museum­curator on holiday­in present day­England, discovers­proof of a­legitimate male heir­to Henry VIII and is­shocked to be thrown­back through time­with that proof. ­Believing she was­sent back to right­the wrongs done to­Henry VIIIs rightful­heir, she searches­for the man who­should be king. ­Unfortunately, by­the time she­uncovers his­identity she has­fallen in love with­him. Giving Richard­the evidence may­bring his death if­he fails. Giving him­the proof will mean­losing his love if­he becomes king for­a commoner is no fit­wife for him then.­Danger, intrigue and­deception surround­them as they­struggle to find the­path that fate means­for them. . . and­their love. Can­their love help them­survive in­Elizabethan England­or will Richard­forever remain the­queens man
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Terri Brisbin - What the Duchess Wants [HH, Royal Weddings 01].rar

Terri Brisbin - What­the Duchess Wants­[HH, Royal Weddings­01].rar
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terri brisbin -m01- taming the highland rogue.txt

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Terri Brisbin - A Night for Her Pleasure_2.doc

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terri brisbin - a night for her pleasure.epub

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Terri Brisbin -The Norman's Bride (epub)_2.epub

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terri brisbin - a night for her pleasure_2.epub

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brisbin, terri - possessed by the highlander.pdf

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terri brisbin - paixao indomavel (rom historicos 46).doc

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brisbin, terri - possessed by the highlander.pdf

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annie burrows, terri brisbin and julia justiss - one candlelit christmas (anthology - the rake's secret son) .epub

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Brisbin, Terri - La amante del rey.rar

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brisbin terry - clan maclerie 03 - guerra de pasiones.pdf

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Brisbin Terri - Prog milosci.rar

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Brisbin Terri - El Secreto Del Conde.DOC

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Brisbin Terri - La Doncella Del Castillo.DOC

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Brisbin Terri - La Amante Del Rey.DOC

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Brisbin Terri - Los caballeros de Britania 03 - El mercenario.pdf

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Pleasurably Undone! (Harlequin Historical) - Brisbin, Terri.epub

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Brisbin, Terri - La amante del rey.rar

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